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Remember and Commemorate Life Cycle Events
Establish a permanent memorial to a loved one.
Commemorate a happy family event for all time.
Acknowledge the feeling for another
…their happiness…their sadness
You can do this while providing needed assistance to your
Jewish Community!

Yahrzeit: Lighted Plaques, a permanent memorial to your loved ones, located in the lobby and lighted on Yahrzeit dates $400
Yahrzeit: Unlighted Plaques located in the Sanctuary $300
Simcha Leaves: Grow on the Tree of Life in our Sanctuary to commemorate happy events in the lives of your friends and family $100

Fund Donations:

**New** Rabbi Asa Education Fund
General Fund: Donations to supplement needed funds for the general expenditures of TBT $18 and up
Sanctuary Funds:
Torah Repair Fund: $18 and up
Prayer Book Fund: $45
Inscribed Chumash: $75
Clergy Funds: $18 and up
Rabbi Appleby’s Discretionary Fund
Cantor Avdee’s Discretionary Fund
Education Funds: $18 and up
IGGGY ~ TBT Youth Group
Religious School Discretionary Fund
Religious School Scholarship Fund – Nachor Fund
Harold Cohen Poetry Fund
Shayna Rosenberg ECLC Education Fund
Adult Education Fund
Additional Funds: $18 and up
Neshot Tikvah ~ TBT Sisterhood $18 and up
TBT Men’s Club $18 and up
Holocaust Memorial $18 and up
Caring Community $18 and up
Torah Study $18 and up
Legacy Bricks $360
Holocaust Memorial Plaques $1,800 and up

Please contact the office (714) 871-3535 to make a donation or fill out the contact form here.

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