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As we prepare for another year, we also look around. While we contemplate our lives we look for meaning and preview High Holiday services, its melodies and meaning. We will start a new series on the Tanakh, examining the content & source of the material. We will look at American Jewish History in another new series. We also look at Orange County Jewish Life and how the magazine approaches its content. Since we live in a many religions society we are also looking at how our neighbors believe.

Special Ezra Programs for September:

Basic Beliefs of Mormonism, Sept 6. Bishop Hampton for Anaheim First Ward will explain the Mormon beliefs.

Orange County Jewish Life, Sept 10. Ilene Schneider, Editor of OC Jewish Life will discuss global and local newsmakers & let people know how they can be part of the newsmaker process

Preparing For the Awesome, Sept 13. Join Rabbi Berman & Cantor Brooks for a preview into High Holiday services, Melodies & meaning.

Course on American Jewish History, Sept 20. Rabbi David Eliezrie is starting a new seminar about the American Jewish History.

GMA (Genetically Modified Agriculture), Sept 24, Bob Grimmer. This controversial issue will be Prop 37 on the November ballot. Find out what you need to know. Our resident “green” expert will inform us how these affect kosher foods.

The Hebrew Bible, Sept 27, Jerry Silverman. We begin to study history, literature & religion of ancient Israel & early Judaism as presented in the texts of the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh. We will examine content & source of the material & consider impact & applicability to contemporary life.

Join the Tai Chi Class. It meets every Monday from 10-11 a.m. Discover the essential path to excellence in Tai Chi. For more info call Jack Finkelstein, instructor at 714/530-3673.

Thursday Afternoon Programs: Sept 6 Happy Hour/ Allan Koven; Sept 13- Let’s go to the Opera, “The Magic Flute” by Mozart, Sept 20- Book Review, “Seeing in the Dark” by Timothy Ferris; Sept 27- Let’s Go to the Movie: “Whale Rider”.

Creative Writing & Memoirs Sept. 12 at TBT.

Continuing programs: Writing Creatively or Memoirs at TBT; Tai Chi, Strength training, & Yiddish Club at TBE. Cards & games at both TBE and TBT. Further info contact Margalit at 776-1103. For a ride to Ezra Center call Ruth Sheldon at 714-774-0472.

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