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Holocaust and Tolerance Education Center


Bullying and intolerance are two words that are being used a lot these days. They bring back memories of another time in history. It was not that long ago (70 years) that the events of the Holocaust began. There are similarities to today’s disruptive climate and it is therefore important for young people to be told the truth and learn the facts of the Holocaust so that they can practice tolerance in their own lives. By hearing stories from survivors and first generation survivors, the facts about the Holocaust can be passed from generation to generation.

Our Programs

In the fall of 2012, The Holocaust and Tolerance Education Program at the Temple Beth Tikvah’s Asa Center will introduce programs developed for young people, ages 9-15. In these programs children will listen to inspiring age-appropriate experiences from those survivors who are still with us. The children will have the opportunity to view and touch real Holocaust artifacts brought here from Germany by survivors or their families. Movies and slide shows will augment the live presentation. These programs will also include discussions of what happens when people are treated badly by others; what happens when societies sanction cruel treatment and ignore suffering; and how this relates to the growing problem of bullying and intolerance in today’s society. In the future we plan to expand our outreach to the teenage, young adult and adult generations.

Our objective is to be an outstanding educational facility for all people, supported by both the Jewish and secular communities.

Our Facility

Temple Beth Tikvah in Fullerton opened the Asa Center in 2011. Our modern building houses classrooms. Our library is a comfortable room where lectures can be held. On the grounds of the Center is a Memorial Garden which is a moving tribute to the Jews and others who perished during the Holocaust. 

“Our inspirational Memorial Garden features a weeping Star of David with a waterfall of tears flowing into an eternal flame. A bowl of broken yellow glass and six Cypress trees for each of the million lives destroyed are powerful symbols of the Holocaust.”

A Note from Rabbi Haim Asa about the Holocaust and Tolerance Education Program at the Asa Center:

“The primary mission of The Holocaust and Tolerance Program is to advance and disseminate facts about the “Shoah,” the Nazi sponsored Holocaust which took place during the Second World War and to highlight the roll intolerance has when people allow it into their daily lives.

It is our goal to preserve the memory of the victims and to teach the lessons of tolerance to all of our visitors, young and old so that history does not repeat itself. Our educational program will reach out to different religious institutions and schools as well as to the children in public schools who learn about tolerance as part of their school curriculum.”


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