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Holocaust Memorial

Remember  Reflect  Resolve

A replica of the Western Wall backs the Memorial. This wall represents the Western Wall in Jerusalem and the destruction of The Temple.

The bowl of yellow broken glass— Represents the broken lives and Krystallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, November 9, 1938, during which Nazis engaged in attacks on Jews and their property.

The eternal flame— Represents enduring life and memory.                                                            
The weeping star— The star weeps for the lives of those murdered during the Holocaust.

The six cypress trees — Each tree reminds us of one million lives that were never able to grow tall in this world.

The three steps – “Remember, Reflect, Resolve” – represent steps to ensuring that a Holocaust will never be repeated:

*Remember what has happened and be a force that enlightens others with the truth;*Reflect on the enormity of loss in lives, as well as talents and good deeds that were never able to be fulfilled, courage that was needed to live just one more day…*Resolve that another Holocaust or genocide of any people will not be repeated.

The “Garden of the Righteous Gentiles ” – It is important to recognize that there were non-Jews who put their lives at risk to help Jews throughout the Holocaust. These people are righteous individuals and their deeds need to be recognized and remembered.

The “Garden of Hope” – Amidst the shattered lives, the tears, and the burning desire to remember, we know that one of the great forces that kept our people alive in the midst of unfathomable hardship was the hope … of a better tomorrow. Clinging to their faith, our people were able to withstand the cruelty hoping God would hear their pleas.

The “Garden of Knowledge” – At the base of tolerance is education. That which is unfamiliar to us may cause discomfort, create distance, and lead to actions such as stereotyping, discrimination, bullying, and ultimately a repeat of the horrible historical chapter that our Memorial represents. Through education we gain knowledge. Knowledge leads to tolerance. Tolerance can become appreciation, which is an ultimate goal in uniting our world as we strive for peace.

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