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Men’s Club

Upcoming activities

March 13 – Men’s Club Shabbat
March 23 – Yom HaShoah Candles Project
April 21 – Men’s Club Angels game


Men’s Club Officers for the year 2014 – 2015.

From Left…front row: Chuck Glatstein, Michael Flashner, Jay Weinschenker, Mitch Shapiro, Gary Gruber, and Marv Goodman

From Left…back row: Mike Bell, Greg Spalter, Felix Livits, and Bruce Melcer.


Join us for our weekly Volleyball and Poker games!


For more information on Temple Beth Tikvah Men’s Club activities contact us here or call (714) 871-3535.



 2013-2014 Officers:
President…Michael Flashner
Exec Vice President….Greg Spalter
Treasurer…Mike Bell
Membership…Tom Green
Programs…Jay Weinschenker
External Relations….Gary Gruber
Secretary…Tom Green
Past President…Mitch Shapiro


Men's Club 2013-2014

2013-2014 Men’s Club Officers
From left:
Gary Gruber, External Relations
Tom Green, Membership and Secretary
Mike Bell, Treasurer
Mitch Shapiro, Past President
Michael Flashner, President
Greg Spalter, Executive V. President
Jay Weinschenker, Programming




2012 Men's Club

Annual Joke Breakfast 2012



TBT MC Polo Shirts
Contact us to order a Men’s Club polo shirt! Please let us know how many you want and what size.  Price will range from about $18 to $25, depending on how many are ordered. There is a min order of 6. It is the darker polo shirt that is in the picture.

Membership for 2013-14      Remember to sign up for Men’s Club membership today!  Membership application and info is below.



Membership and Application Flyer
Current Scroll and Calendar
Photo Page

The purpose of TBT Men’s Club is to provide all the men of our congregation the opportunity to join an organized group that:

  1. Performs Mitzvah Projects for the Temple and the Community
  2. Supports Temple and Religious School Activities and Functions
  3. Provides Financial Support for the Temple and Religious School
  4. Provides Activities to Socialize with Jewish Men


Members of the Men’s Club are required to be members (or a family member) of Temple Beth Tikvah.
Members must adhere to the bylaws of the Men’s Club and to the bylaws of Temple Beth Tikvah.
Members shall remain in good standing by the timely payment of all dues and assessments.

Membership Dues:

College Student * ………………… Free
Under 30 * ………………………….. Free for the First Year, $18 per year until age 30
Over 30 * ……………………………. $54 per year
You or a family member must be a member of TBT.



MEMBERSHIP. We do a lot for the Temple. If you are not a member, please come join us for some Mitzvah doings, and some fun.

FOOD TO PoH PLUS. Your Men’s Club is doing its part to ensure that Tikkun Olam is alive and well at TBT. We have been working with local markets to deliver excess food to PATHWAYS of HOPE (formerly FIES). We are ALSO working with Panache Catering and Temple Beth Sholom in Santa Ana to help feed the needy.


If you have any questions or comments, please talk with your Men’s Club Officers: Michael Flashner, Greg Spalter or ask the Rabbi. We have MANY activities and DO GOOD. Come join us.

For more information contact us here or call (714) 871-3535.

Men's Club 2010

Annual Joke Breakfast 2010

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