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From Congregant David Lieberman …

I hope you experienced the joy that celebrating Sukkot is meant to bring. Perhaps you had the chance to sit in the sukkah and share a meal. And perhaps you reflected on the impermanence our ancestors felt as they wandered through the desert and how many people live with that same sense of instability today. If you are like me, you may find it a challenge to simultaneously empathize with those living in profound insecurity, and yet fully embrace the abundance and joy that surrounds us during this holiday.

we_believe_petitionOne way to do that is to remember women and girls around the globe who suffer at the hands of gender-based violence—to not only remember but to help.  In August, members of our congregation successfully teamed up with American Jewish World Service (AJWS) and their We Believe campaign in a multi-faith delegation to encourage Representative Ed Royce to become a co-sponsor of the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA). Mr. Royce’s support was key because he chairs the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, where the bill now resides.  This bi-partisan bill, if passed by Congress, would ensure that U.S. policy makes ending violence against women and girls a high priority.  As a Royce constituent, you are in a unique position to help.

What you can do? Call, Write, Tweet!

Talking points:
IVAWA: Cheer Rep. Royce for becoming a co-sponsor of IVAWA. Thank him for being a leader in supporting ending violence against women and let him know that his constituents support human rights for women in the developing world and really want to see IVAWA (H.R. 3571) pass.  Urge him to work with his bi-partisan colleagues to move it to the floor of the House and pass it ASAP.

Twitter account: @RepEdRoyce  AJWS hashtags: #IVAWA #ajws_la @ajws #WeBelieve

Spread the word: post this link to your Facebook page and urge your friends to check out AJWS and take action too:

Finally: Please help us track the progress of the campaign by letting us know what action(s) you took.  Just send a quick email to and say, e.g., “I called Royce’s office to thank him for being a co-sponsor of IVAWA” or “I sent an email to Royce and then posted about it on Facebook.” If you are not in Ed Royce’s district, contact your local congress person to encourage him/her to become active in the “We Believe” campaign.

Thank you!  Yasher Koach—may you have strength to continue your good work!


David Lieberman

P.S. If you would like more information on the bill and why it is important, you can go .

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